Your Team, Part 2

The previous post touched upon the team that’s at your business now. Today let’s look at how you’re developing your FUTURE team. For those team members not so fortunate, how many have you had to furlough (meaning that the team member is still technically employed, just on temporary unpaid leave)? Team members on furlough are expected to return to work when things are over. Typically, with a furlough you’re still responsible for benefits.

How many have you had to lay off (terminating the employment relationship)? The goal is to bring them back as soon as possible, and they’ll probably apply for unemployment benefits in the interim. And typically with a layoff you’re not responsible for benefits (as an example, a former team member would have to pay COBRA premiums to keep health insurance).

I know there’s a cost to this, but what mix of furlough and layoff are you planning (or have had) to do? Remember, your team members are some of your best assets – avoid burning bridges with them.

Lastly, what about your hiring? It’s not surprising that there are still a number of businesses out there looking for talent. Before things went south, what type of hiring were you looking at? Have you suspended your hiring initiatives? Are you looking to hire that candidate you’ve been trying to recruit and don’t want to lose? Did you communicate this with them? Keeping them in the loop lets everyone involved understand the situation.

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