Marketing and Sales

Today, let’s talk marketing and sales. How have you been clearly and consistently communicating with your customers? How have you been using your social media presence to keep them updated? Have you been sending newsletters and/or emails to your customers? Keeping them in the loop can help ease their worries and preserve your relationships with them.

How have you had to pivot so that you can still be (even partially) open for business? Make sure they know that and how they can communicate with you. How can you make it easy for them to purchase your product and services? What new ways are there to deliver your product or service? Does home delivery work? What about mail/express delivery?

What STILL needs to be done? Both your marketing (especially the content) and your sales (especially the process) programs have probably changed. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

That’s it for now – see you next week! Be sure to leave comments. I encourage it – even if you disagree. While every effort has been made to provide valuable, useful information in this post, this firm and any related suppliers or associated companies accept no responsibility or any form of liability from reliance upon or use of its contents. Any suggestions should be considered carefully within your own particular circumstances, as they are intended as general information only.

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