Business Strategy

Continuing from last week’s posts about reviewing your business to keep it surviving and to get it thriving, this week will cover a few more key areas. This first component is your business's strategic plan.

You do have a strategic plan, don’t you? If not, it’s certainly time to make one now; and if you do, what updates have you been making? What conversations do you still need to have? When do those conversations need to take place? Who’s involved with this and how can they contribute?

What projects can still be started? What projects may have to be put on hold (or at least re-engineered)? Where would you like to be for the year?

If we’re going to be dealing with this crisis for quite a few more months (and that includes the recovery phase), how will your time be spent? This could be a great time to review your strengths and weaknesses, your opportunities and threats. How do things now affect your business vision? What are your new strategic goals?

Once again, that’s it for now – see you in a couple of days! Be sure to leave comments. I encourage it – even if you disagree. Don’t forget to subscribe, share the blog, like the blog, share your stories, get involved, and visit my site – – to see how even more collaboration can help you.

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